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We grow food to help fight the effects of rapid urbanisation, deforestation and climate change.


Australian Urban Growers – *AUG

Is the Proto-Indo-European root meaning

“to grow bigger, or greater”

Cities grow upwards, or outwards. Outwards results in urban sprawl, deforestation, habitat loss for our creatures and can effect climate change. Farming is an often unseen part of urban sprawl, and its bounds are often pushed far further than the fringes of our cities. By farming within the urban centre, we can help to reduce urban sprawl, shorten supply chains and mitigate climate change.

Australian Urban Growers is dedicated to the re-urbanisation of agriculture. We develop and create farming and gardening systems. We also offer management, and sustainability reporting services for our farming customers. Our solutions are ideal to help reduce the consumption of energy, water and nutrient resources while also reducing waste. 

By growing closer to the city food can arrive at its destination faster, maintaining its nutritional content while tasting more fresh and flavourful. 

The urban, rooftop and vertical farming movement is necessary to support growing cities. 

To ensure the growth of the industry is successful AUG also delivers education and training programs to develop the skills of our future farming leaders. Ask us for more information. 

What's Coming Up

Black History Month Tours
Jagum Barrambin and Barrambin Farm

To celebrate Black History Month in July 2022 our partner Cre8tive Nations will be hosting tours to discuss the Healing Barrambin program at Kelvin Grove State College. You are invited to join us as we take time to explore, engage in and learn in Jagum Barrambin (Garden in the Windy Place) and Barrambin Farm.

To secure your spot on one of the tours please select (click on) from the dates on the right and register. 

To learn more about Brisbane’s Black History Month programs please click the link below. 


July 2022


JULY 2022


JULY 2022


JULY 2022

Environmental, Economic and Social Intentions

In the spirit of reconciliation Australian Urban Growers acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and future and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

We also pay our respects to all indigenous persons and groups across the globe with the understanding that there is a vast wealth of knowledge and cultural practices in these groups which are as yet undocumented or which have been lost.

Finally, we pay our respects to the land, fauna, flora, fungi and microbiota which we work with and without which we could not be sustained. We do not take lightly the complexity of the grand design which seems to support life so simply.

Australian Urban Growers intends to act in many capacities as a Social Enterprise; helping to secure environmentally, economically, and socially beneficial opportunities for people across the globe.

It is important for Social Enterprises to develop a Social Enterprise Strategy to support planning, delivery, measurement and proof of their intended social outcomes.

We commit to formalise and communicate our Social Enterprise Strategy during the 2022 calendar year. We have the fortune of attending the Social Enterprise World Forum in September of 2022 which will help us to refine our approach.

Australian Urban Growers intends to measure and report on the environmentally, economically and socially beneficial opportunities created through our projects.

We intend to participate in a quality third-party review process to ensure the legitimacy of performance reporting before it is shared with the public.

Moving forward *AUG will begin collecting data, and we hope to embark on our first third-party review process for our sustainability in the 2023 calendar year.

Australian Urban Growers (*AUG) partners with Cre8tive Nations who is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned company that specialises in cultural knowledges, creative industries and special event projects.

Learn more about Cre8tive Nations here:



Cre8tive Nations Logo

At present, Australian Urban Growers does not hold a not-for-profit (NFP) status. As we are in our start-up phase it is important to us to ensure that our processes are tried and tested before embarking on a journey to be considered for NFP status.

We believe that companies with NFP status have a special place in our community and economy, however significant good can be achieved through commercial intent that is appropriately scrutinised across the triple-bottom-line (environmental, economic and social effect).

We may consider seeking NFP status later.

Australian Urban Growers intends to deliver training solutions, to help break down the barrier to entry for a community who are interested in growing the urban, vertical and rooftop farming movement.

We intend to engage our peers, colleagues, and new learners in their learning.

We intend to provide tools, services and solutions to aid the rapid scaling of the industry; to improve food security.

We intend to galvanise and formalise industry processes.

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