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Engage students in practical learning about sustainability and vertical farming by starting a farm at school or buying fresh veggies from us. We grow high-quality produce and are committed to sustainability and community health. Let's work together to make a difference! Contact us to learn more.

Welcome to Australian Urban Growers! 

We’re dedicated to advancing sustainability through the power of vertical farming. 

We aim actively contribute to a fair, equitable, and thriving vertical farming sector that feeds our cities from within. 

Join us as we empower individuals, schools and businesses to take decisive action to reshape our food systems, champion sustainability, and build resilient communities.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognises the continuing connection to lands, waters and communities.

We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures; and to Elders past and present.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this website may contain images or names of people who have passed away.

Our School Program

Australian Urban Growers offers sustainability and vertical farming training services to help individuals, schools, businesses and communities learn the skills to grow fresh produce and create green cities.

1. We Deploy Vertical Farms To Inner City Schools

Our company is dedicated to providing schools with the resources they need to teach students about sustainable agriculture. That's why we've developed a unique solution - vertical farms that can be installed right on school grounds. With these farms, students can learn about growing food in an environmentally-friendly way, while also enjoying fresh produce that's grown right on campus. Our program is self-sustaining, as we grow and sell the produce from these farms to fund the ongoing maintenance and continuation of our educational program. Plus, we don't charge schools any additional costs. By providing these resources to schools, we're empowering the next generation with crucial knowledge about how to feed themselves and the world in a sustainable manner.

2. We Feed Canteens, Classes and Community

Our vertical farms allow us to grow sustainable produce such as lettuce, rocket, herbs, tomatoes and more. These crops can be bought from us for use in tuckshops or in cooking classes, providing students with fresh and nutritious ingredients for their meals. By growing our own produce, we can ensure it is sustainable, reducing our impact on the environment. Additionally, since our farms are vertically stacked, we can grow more food using less space compared to traditional farming methods. This allows us to provide a steady supply of healthy produce throughout the year. With our sustainable and efficient farming practices, we are not only promoting healthy eating but also helping to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the well-being of the planet.

3. We Facilitate Practical Learning and Pathways

We're thrilled to be at the forefront of vertical farming and excited to inspire the next generation of sustainable agriculture leaders! We empower students through enriching programs including interactive lessons, guided tours, and school clubs. Our dedication to sustainable farming not only advances the future of agriculture but also encourages young people to pursue impactful careers in this innovative field. We're committed to utilizing eco-friendly techniques to grow quality crops and pave the way for future generations. We feel honored to provide a sustainable platform for students and the community alike, fostering both education and engagement in the important work of sustainable agriculture.

4. We Orient Education To Sustainable Development

We strive to support schools in their efforts to prepare students for careers in sustainable industries. Our focus is on streamlining access to knowledge, resources, and industry connections, so that educators can provide students with the best possible learning experience. By working together with schools, we are able to identify the skills and qualifications that students need to be successful in sustainable industries. This information allows us to create targeted resources and professional development opportunities for teachers, as well as providing students with access to meaningful internships and mentorships. Ultimately, we believe that by helping schools to foster the next generation of sustainable industry professionals, we can help to build a better future for all.

Vertical Farming

Why We're Kickstarting The Sector

Establishing a thriving vertical farming sector is vital for a sustainable future. Vertical farming maximizes productivity in urban areas while reducing reliance on external food sources and minimizing the carbon footprint. It offers year-round cultivation, consistent fresh and nutritious crops, and promotes water conservation while minimizing chemical use and soil erosion. Embracing vertical farming addresses challenges like limited space, resource efficiency, climate resilience, and local food security, fostering a sustainable and nourishing world.

Bringing Food Back to the City:

Currently, a substantial portion of Brisbane’s food is produced in rural areas outside the city limits. While this setup has served us well, there is a growing movement to bring food production closer to where it is consumed. By embracing innovative solutions like vertical farming, rooftop gardens, and community-based initiatives, we can create a more localised and resilient food network right here in our city.

The Benefits of Localized Food Production:

Bringing food back into the city has numerous benefits for Brisbane and its residents. Firstly, it significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. By sourcing food locally, we minimise the environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner, greener Brisbane.

Secondly, localised food production fosters a stronger sense of community and connection. When we know where our food comes from, we can establish relationships with local farmers, support regional economies, and promote a healthier, more sustainable food culture.

Lastly, bringing food closer to the city ensures that we have access to fresh, nutritious produce year-round. By utilizing innovative urban farming techniques, we can cultivate a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, and herbs right within our city’s limits. This not only guarantees freshness but also enhances food security and reduces our dependence on external food sources.

Our Commitment:

At Australian Urban Growers, we are actively working towards reducing food miles and bringing food production back to Brisbane. Through our vertical farming initiatives, community partnerships, and educational programs, we are striving to create a more sustainable, resilient, and self-sufficient food system. Join us in this endeavour as we champion local farming, reduce our carbon footprint, and enjoy the benefits of farm-fresh goodness right here in our beautiful city.

Pioneering Sustainability: Embracing Vertical Farming to Showcase Brisbane's Olympic Legacy

As Brisbane prepares to host the 2032 Olympic Games, embracing vertical farming becomes a crucial step towards establishing the city as a hallmark of sustainability. While this innovative agricultural practice has gained traction globally, it has yet to take hold in Brisbane. With limited land availability and the need for sustainable food production, the time is ripe for Brisbane to seize the opportunity presented by vertical farming. By integrating vertical farms within the city, Brisbane can reduce its reliance on external food sources, minimize the environmental impact of long-distance transportation, and enhance food security. The 2032 Olympics provide the perfect stage for Brisbane to showcase its commitment to sustainability through cutting-edge practices like vertical farming. By harnessing this transformative technique, Brisbane can maximize the efficient use of space, provide fresh and nutritious produce year-round, and set a remarkable example for future cities. Let us unleash the potential of vertical farming in Brisbane, creating a legacy of sustainability that reverberates far beyond the Olympic Games.

Breaking Barriers, Bridging Gaps: Join Australian Urban Growers in Cultivating a Sustainable Future

While the concept of vertical farming holds immense promise, there are barriers to entry and a noticeable gap that Australian Urban Growers is dedicated to addressing head-on. We understand that not everyone has the resources, knowledge, or access to participate in this transformative industry. That’s why we invite you to join us on this journey of empowerment and sustainability.

There are several ways you can get involved. First, support our mission by purchasing our farm-fresh produce. By choosing Australian Urban Growers, you directly contribute to the growth of a more sustainable and localized food system in Brisbane.

Second, engage in our training programs. Whether you’re an aspiring farmer, a curious individual, or an educator, we offer  training that equips you with the knowledge and skills to grow and thrive in the world of vertical farming. Learn the art of sustainable cultivation and be part of the solution.

Third, consider purchasing a micro-farm system for your own home, school or community. Our user-friendly and compact systems allow you to embark on your own vertical farming journey, growing fresh produce right at your fingertips. Experience the joy and satisfaction of harvesting your own food while making a positive impact.

Lastly, consider sponsoring the establishment of a school or community-level program. By supporting these initiatives, you actively contribute to the education and empowerment of future farmers, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for our communities.

Australian Urban Growers is committed to breaking barriers, bridging gaps, and creating a more inclusive vertical farming sector. Join us in cultivating a sustainable future by supporting our produce, engaging in training, purchasing micro-farm systems, or sponsoring educational programs. Together, we can nurture a greener and more resilient world.

We're empowering community to join the urban farming ecosystem

Take control of your food sources, enhance food security, and strengthen community connections through urban farming. With training and support, we provide the tools for a successful urban farming journey. Join us in cultivating a greener future, transforming urban spaces into thriving centers of food production. Let’s create sustainable and self-sufficient communities together. Empower your community today by embracing urban farming.

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Why Work With Us


We provide easy access to industry knowledge resources for students and teachers. Our tools and connections with industry experts assist in informed decision-making, helping with necessary skills, and benefiting the community.


By teaching farming in the city we empower sector growth to improve the environment and make better use of public and private spaces. We hope to inspire positive change and provide accessible education for people of all ages and backgrounds.


Vertical farming is a sustainable solution that reduces waste and resource consumption, allows for better plant growth monitoring, and has the potential to revolutionize food production.


We promote ethical, sustainable industries in urban and remote areas for job creation and growth while prioritizing social and environmental responsibility.

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